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Oh, The Grandeur!  Oh, The Oppulence!  Oh, The History!  Oh, The Croissants!


The popular places, and the not-so-popular but equally fantastic ones too!

The Louvre
The Louvre
The Louvre Courtyard
The Athena of Velletri - The Louvre
Venus de Milo - The Louvre
Venus de Milo - The Louvre
Getting Close to Her!
Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa Men Have Named You
Liberty Leading the People - The Louvre
A Madonna - The Louvre
Nike - Winged Victory - The Louvre
Boy with Goose - The Louvre
Napoleon III Dining Room - The Louvre
Always Remember To Look Up!
The Louvre
Sun, Gold, and Diamonds Crown - The Louvre
Our Tour Hotel
One of the Sidewalk Cafes Near the Hotel
An Amazing Vegetable Market Near the Hotel
The Shakespeare and Company Book Store
Shakespeare and Company
Cafe de Flore
Now THAT'S A Milkshake!
Cafe de Flore
Arc de Triomphe
Notre Dame
Now THAT'S A Bubble!
A Large Boat on the Seine
A Parisian Park
An Illuminating Experience
Our Last Meal Together
One Last Hurrah!
At the Eiffel Tower
The Day After

Enceladus Fountain

Our Paris stop was full of delightful things to see such as this fountain in the Versailles grounds that was built in 1677.

There's So Much to See and Do in Paris!

The Last Destination of the Best Vacation

All good things must come to an end, and our tour was no exception.  The memories that we made over a month in the summer of 2023 will stay in our minds and our hearts until we leave this earth.

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