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There are few times in life when you come across something of such awe-inspiring beauty that your breath is taken away.  That is what happened when we saw the views of Murren, Switzerland.  From the moment we saw the mountain valley behind the hotel, we knew that this was someplace special.  Our two days here did not disappoint.


A Whole New World!

Living our entire lives on the Midwestern plains, we have not had much exposure to mountain settings.  We knew we weren't in South Dakota anymore as the bus approached Murren.  The villages spreading on the shores of mountain lakes and snow-capped peaks aren't things we see in our daily lives.  That's why it was such eye candy for us here.


There was another picture postcard view no matter which direction you turned your head.  Whether we were in the peaceful surroundings of Murren or above the clouds at the Schilthorn, there was stunning scenery all around us.

We enjoyed checking out the markets of each country we visited so we could get more of a feel of what daily life was like there.  One surprise was the large display of Mexican foods at the Murren grocery store.  We weren't expecting it to be a hotbed of Mexican cuisine.

Joe had warned us that the rest areas in Europe would be different than in the United States, and he wasn't kidding.  This was especially true in Switzerland where one rest stop was an actual miniature mall.  Some of the best pastry we had in Europe, and we had more than our fair share, was found here.

Where's Heidi?

We didn't find the young girl of Spyri's stories, but we did find much more, as you will see by the descriptions tagged with each of the photos below.

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