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Next to the new people we met and the places we experienced, the food we ate was the best part of the trip.  Luckily we did so much walking that we actually returned home having lost weight even though we at all the food you see below.

What Were The Hotels Like?

They were unique and each had their own charm.  They sure weren't like the economy hotels back home.  Click on each to see what they were like.


The more you travel, the more you crave it.  We hadn’t done much international travel before the last two years.  We had gone to places in the US, but we had never ventured overseas.  We were a bit nervous leaving home with a small carry-on suitcase each for a month-long journey, but it was far easier to do than we thought it would be.  We even have thought of ways in which we could be more efficient and bring less.  Now that we have caught the international travel fever, we can’t shake it.  Learning about new societies and the ways that people live their lives has allowed us to form a better understanding of our fellow man.  Even though we are different and have varying customs, we all are pretty much the same.  We all want to be happy and to bring happiness to others.  We look forward to future global wandering with Rick Steves' Tours to experience more cultures and deepen our connection to our fellow mankind.  

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