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Cinque Terre: A Mediterranean Paradise

We felt like jet-setters as we travelled to the resort region of Cinque Terre.  The group moved from the ancient history of the other Italian cities to the beach fun and relaxation of the villages built on the cliffs.

It was time to vacation from vacation.  Jet-setting to the Italian Riviera - Just like the movie-stars!

Cinque Terre (Five Lands) was another pleasant surprise on the journey.  After blazing heat, a lot of crowds, and pushing through all of it with fortitude and endurance, the "family" was ready for some R&R.  Cue CT!  From beautiful beaches, serene walks, friendly locals, tasty gelato, the best seafood in the world, and cool evening breezes, it was exactly what the group needed to revitalize for the second leg of the tour!

Cinque Terre Highlights

Our vacation from the vacation was a 10/10.  We made sure to visit all five towns, sample every gelato stand we laid eyes on, try every seafood restaurant nearby, and simply take in the cool sea air.  We were REJUVINATED!

Living the Good Life!

The Steep Hillside
Picturesque Riomaggiore
Climbing to Corniglia
Getting Your Workout Climbing the City Streets
Our Patio Access in the Hotel
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