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Bacharach: The Small German Village with BIG Charm

What is Bacharach?!

That was the question that we were asking one another as we made our way to the town.  The answer was a pleasant surprise as this little village in Rhineland held a great many things to see.

Our Favorite View -
But Oh, So Steep!


Germany Has Vineyards?!

That's another question we asked as we explored the village.  Click on the photo to see more scenes from Bacharach.

The Steep Vineyard Overlooking the Village
We Have to Stop at EVERY Church!
Stumbling Stone
A Castle Overlooking the Rhine
The View From Our Hotel Balcony
A Narrow Walkway on the Tour
The Village at Night
Flowers Were Plentiful
Another Group Meal
Our Hotel
Another German Castle
The Entrance to the Open-Air Dutch Museum
Germany Has Wine Gummie Bears!!
A Pancake With Bacon Fried Into It!
An Evening with New Life-Long Friends

Goodbye to Bacharach!!

Although it was a city we had never heard of, it is a place we will never forget.  One tour member said she could see herself moving there someday.  We guess we wouldn't mind that either!

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